Wound Care Academy: You’re the next big thing

FourFourSeconds ago, a new generation of young doctors was coming into their own.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is calling for a nationwide shift away from a career-based system that sees doctors work in hospitals as much as in clinics, and towards a more flexible, career-driven system where doctors can focus on their chosen field of practice and work with colleagues.

The AMA’s AMA Care and Caregivers Association is calling on the Federal Government to support the Australian Medical Research Council (AMRC) to establish a national career-oriented care pathway, and to develop a national training and development plan to support young doctors in their careers.

“The Australian Medical Student Council is calling upon the Government to fund a new career-orientated pathway to the AMRC National Career Education and Training Fund, and support a National Career Care Network to enable all young people to take the next step in their career, with the support of their parents, community, employers and schools,” AMA chief executive Dr Simon Newman said.

The National CareerCare Network will be funded through a dedicated Australian HealthCare Tax Credit.

“By providing a pathway to career education, training and research, this new investment will support the growth of the profession and contribute to our health, wellbeing and economic well-being,” AMA CEO Dr Simon Fraser said.

“There is no doubt that we need a career education pathway for all young doctors and young Australians to achieve their full potential.”

We believe this new career development pathway will be a positive contribution to Australia’s future health and well-beings.

“Dr Newman said it was vital that young doctors were able to have a strong foundation in their chosen profession and not be dependent on one industry for a steady income.”

A lot of young people are struggling to get into their chosen career and are struggling with some financial constraints,” Dr Newman said, “This is particularly true for young doctors who may have already secured an internship or practising a specialty.

“Our focus should be on ensuring that young people have the skills they need to succeed in a career in the health field.”

“A career in health care is a highly rewarding career and we need young doctors to have the confidence to pursue it and get ahead of the curve.”

Dr Fraser said the AMA and the AMA Caregiver Association were both pushing for the Government’s help in creating a new, career focused pathway.

“It is essential that young health professionals have access to a career with an established career path and we can’t wait for the Federal government to put forward this innovative funding package,” he said.

“We believe that it is critical that we get the funding for a new pathway for young people and that is why we are calling for this new funding package.”

Dr Steven Smith, CEO of the AMA’s Care and Career Academy, said the new pathway was the best way to support future young doctors, and would also support the existing careers of other young doctors.

“As the number of young adults who are pursuing careers in the field of healthcare continues to increase, it is important that we are able to offer these young doctors the support they need,” he told FourFour.

“For young doctors this pathway will help them get the skills, confidence and knowledge that they need for the future of their profession.”

Young doctors are a key part of the future health of our nation, so providing them with a career pathway that provides them with the right skills and supports their aspirations will be extremely beneficial to them and their future careers.

“Dr Smith said the pathway would also give the profession an edge over other young people who had already secured internships or practised in their field.”

To offer young people with internships and practising as doctors a pathway that offers them the skills and confidence they need is critical to our future health,” he added.

The new pathway will also be available to parents and students who have completed a bachelor degree and who wish to continue their education in a health-related career.”

At the moment we only provide an internship, and for those parents and young people that have already completed a Bachelor’s degree in the areas of healthcare and health-care science, we offer a career orientation that gives them the knowledge and experience to develop and build their careers in their choice of profession,” Dr Smith said.

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