A care academy is helping foster a community of caring, loving, caring people in Edmonton

A care and support academy in Edmonton is helping to foster a more accepting community of people who feel alienated from society.article The school at 1611 Eglinton Ave.

S.E. has been providing care for people in crisis for more than a decade, with about 300 students enrolled.

But, for some, the school is something different.

“It’s not just a place where people go to talk to the community,” said teacher Melissa Sartor.

Sartor said the students are all at different stages of their life and that there’s a huge range of different levels of involvement.

“When we talk about young people who are really struggling, they’re coming from a very different place to what we’re seeing in our community, where they’re having trouble in their families, struggling in their community,” she said.

Sartsor said she sees a lot of difference in the way people interact with each other.

“There’s more acceptance of the different experiences that young people have,” she explained.

“And there’s more understanding that they don’t have to necessarily agree with everything that’s going on in their lives.”

The school’s role is also to help people with issues such as PTSD and addiction.

It also provides workshops on self-care, life skills and job skills.

“We do have some people who come through here who are struggling with anxiety or with depression,” said Sartas teacher.

“They’re going through that in different ways, but there’s no real need to judge them.”

The academy’s mission is to make it a safe space for people who have had to navigate social stigma, isolation and bullying to have an opportunity to learn and learn from each other.

“It is also a place to learn from the teachers.”

The teachers have a role in helping to create the atmosphere where they can have an impact,” Sartors said.”

You know, that’s what we call the ’emotional support staff’ role, which is really important to have in order to help kids get out of their own heads and really be themselves.

“Sartors hopes the school will help to open up a space for everyone.”

That’s a really good thing,” she added.”

I’m sure it will be a place for everyone to be able to have a safe place to come and talk to people, and learn how to navigate the world in a positive way, so that they can be able and confident in themselves.