Which of the AFL’s new recruits can be a superstar?

Posted March 24, 2018 15:10:53AFL clubs are set to open their new academies in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, with the first two sites to open on Thursday.

Key points:Teams will start training at each of the venues in the next few weeksThe venues will feature some of the game’s most skilled players, including Tom Boyd, Sam Gilbert, Nick Cripps and Tom Lynch”We are delighted that the AFL will be introducing new acadicles at all three of these new sites, with Melbourne and Adelaide coming very close to the top three in terms of their talent,” AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan said.

“It will also be a great opportunity for some of our players to hone their skills and get a taste of the elite environment we are creating at the AFL level.”

“We will be looking to develop some of these players into the very best players we can be.”

The AFL has been working with the players at these new acadities for several years, but it’s the first time the clubs have been able to get players to come to the AFL-owned facilities.

“The clubs have worked with the AFL to provide the best possible facilities and facilities, and it’s an opportunity for our players, coaches and the players themselves to get in touch with those clubs to make sure they’re fully up to date with the game,” AFL CEO Gillon MacGinty said.

The clubs will also offer the players on the first sites in the new acadms a free trial at their home club.

“We want to give our players a chance to get to know the facilities and the coaches,” Mr MacGinley said.

Mr MacGinnah said the clubs had been working closely with the clubs in these new facilities to provide them with the best training environment in Australia.

“What we are looking to do is develop some very talented young players, and some of those young players will be playing at the clubs’ new academy sites in Perth and Melbourne,” Mr Ginnah explained.

“Some of the most talented players in the game right now in the competition are playing for clubs that have academies and those players will get to experience the best of that environment, which will hopefully be a big boost for their careers.”

“As well as the academies, we want to be giving them the chance to have their footy training with some of their best coaches.”

Mr Ginnay said the AFL would work with the local players to ensure they were fully up-to-date with the rules of the competition.

“These are the same rules that apply to all AFL clubs,” he said.

Adelaide, Fremantle, Gold Coast and Geelong will also open their academy sites, while Gold Coast’s will be the first to open in Western Australia.

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