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A medical college and career academy have announced a partnership to build a high-quality medical school in the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

The partnership will bring new leadership and faculty to the city, and the academy will offer a training program in the field of medicine.

The Medical College of Baltimore and the College of Medicine of Baltimore have been collaborating for over a decade to create a medical school and academy in the United States that would combine the best of both medical schools and careers academies.

In a statement released today, the academies will open in 2019.

The Medical College is committed to offering excellence in medical education and training, the statement said.

The academies, which will be located in Baltimore, will begin in 2019 with a focus on providing clinical and training resources for students from all backgrounds.

Students will be trained in primary care, radiology, intern medicine, thoracic surgery, surgery on the spine, urology, pediatrics, oncology, obstetrics, and gynecology.

They will also gain training in a range of fields in the hospital and community.

The academy will have a staff of more than 100 physicians and other healthcare professionals, and will include training in the medical profession, surgical skills, and patient care, the academy said.

In addition, students will gain access to a wide range of advanced technology in health care, including MRI, CT, CAT, and radiology equipment.

Students will receive additional training in an internship program, clinical rotation, internship experience, internship-based residency, and an in-person internship program.

The medical college is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides academic instruction and education for undergraduate, graduate, and professional medical students.

It is one of the nation’s premier medical education institutions, with more than 1,200 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled and over 3,300 medical residents and residents of private practices.

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