Why do I need to pay a vet to visit me?

By Katie McCallumThe GuardianAs a vet with a small staff, it can be hard to get in touch with your clients. 

But one of the best ways to connect with them is to visit their home. 

In the UK, vets spend up to 60% of their working hours in their homes. 

It’s a lonely, stressful life, but the vet knows that the best way to make it better is to help their clients feel comfortable and secure.

The NHS is also trying to help vets stay connected, and a recent survey found that one in five vets surveyed had used a smartphone app to find a new patient. 

“We want vets to feel safe and secure and we want to support them in making the most of their time in a vet’s care,” said Dr Mark Smith, Chief Executive of the National Association of Vets (NAV).

“We are also trying to encourage vets to adopt more mobile phone apps so they can find their patients more easily.” 

But with only one in six vets in the UK having a mobile phone, there’s a big gap between the number of vets and their ability to connect and care for their patients. 

And many vets don’t know how to use these apps, or the options they offer.

“There’s an incredible amount of work that goes into keeping vets safe, so it’s critical that the NHS can work with vets to get them the information they need to make informed choices,” said Smith.

“I think mobile phone use is an increasingly important aspect of caring for our vets and it is absolutely critical for the NHS to support this.”

We know that people are more likely to visit vets if they can get in contact with them through a mobile device.

“Dr Smith said that the NAV had worked with vets in a number of countries to support mobile phone adoption and to help them get the information and support they need.”

Vets have been working with the NHS and the vets to develop a mobile app for vets to use, so they will be able to find their vets in more places,” he said.”

The app will give vets a better understanding of where to go to see their vets and what services to expect.

“This will help vets better manage their workloads, which will help to protect their health and wellbeing.”

More vets are also using their mobile phones to take care of their pets and help them with their veterinary treatments.” 

The app is being launched in the US and UK, but Ms Smith said there was already an app available in other countries. “

It’s not just about having more vets using the app, it’s about making it easier for vets, patients and the wider community to work with their vets,” said Ms Smith. 

The app is being launched in the US and UK, but Ms Smith said there was already an app available in other countries. 

This year, the NCAV is planning to launch a pilot app in the Philippines and South Africa, and Ms Smith expects more countries to follow suit. 

To find out more about the app and to download the free app, visit the NVA website. 

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