What you need to know about the Academy of Police Cars


What is an academy?

Academy police cars are the vehicles of choice for police departments nationwide.

As of March 2016, nearly 60% of the nation’s 1,400 departments have one.

These vehicles are designed for both tactical and operational use.

The academy is also the vehicle for law enforcement agencies that are expanding their use of body cameras, such as the Houston Police Department and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Academies also offer training and support for the police departments in their areas.

The department of the same name in the U.S. has an academy for police officers in the city of Richmond, Virginia.

The Academy of the Americas is a group of academies across the U-S.A. that are also dedicated to serving law enforcement in various communities.

Academic police departments are not the only ones that use academy cars.

The departments of the U,S.

and Canada are also known as academies.

Academies are also used by local law enforcement departments and the UCR.

Academics are required to follow strict guidelines and protocols.

The most common protocol for academy cars is to wear helmets, but they are not required to wear body cameras.

The only time the academy is not allowed to have body cameras is during training exercises.