How the AFL’s academy will transform the Australian football industry

With an annual turnover of $2.7bn, the AFL is the biggest and most influential sports league in the world.

It is the global business of Australian sport, and in this age of globalisation, its influence on the way Australians watch sport has never been greater.

But, as the sport becomes more international, its global impact is becoming even greater.

With an ever-expanding pool of talent from all over the world, Australia’s elite athletes are competing on the global stage at the same time as they are developing the skills that will be required to become world class.

The AFL’s national academies are part of this transformation, and they are helping to shape the future of the game.

Here are some of the key ways the AFL academy is helping the game become the global player it is today.

In-season training program The AFL has a long-standing, and well-respected, relationship with its players.

In recent years, the league has been keen to invest in the development of its in-season programs, which help players develop skills as well as build a competitive edge during the long season.

This has included the development and provision of a national football academy in which a number of players have graduated and developed into full-time professional footballers.

In 2014, the club also partnered with the Australian Institute of Sport to create the AFL Training Academy.

The academy is a place where the young athletes learn and grow, while also providing the opportunity for them to be involved in the Australian game.

A player who was a member of the AFL training academy would receive the same training as a player who had gone through the AFL Academy.

For players who have not played professional football, the program is designed to give them the skills and experience they need to compete at the highest level in the game, regardless of where they live or their nationality.

The aim is to provide them with the best chance of playing in the National Football League and helping them become a more global player.