Alberta job market ‘on the upswing’ with record number of applications for dental care positions

With an unprecedented number of dental professionals coming into the Alberta job-market, the Alberta Dentistry Association is urging Albertans to apply now to help make dentistry a more appealing career option.

“The province has a very strong job market right now and that’s going to keep going up,” said Dr. David DeBord, president of the Alberta Dental Care Association.

“We’re seeing dental care openings pop up at an incredibly high rate.

We have a lot of opportunities for people to get into the industry.”

The association is advising Albertans who are looking to become a dental professional to apply for positions as early as possible in the spring of 2019.

“That’s when there will be the highest number of openings,” DeBort said.

“Dentistry is an incredibly important profession, and we need to have our teeth as well as our eyes, ears, tongue and all our other health needs addressed as soon as possible.”

The Alberta Dontcare Association also recommends that prospective dental school graduates apply to their dental school in the fall of 2019 and the spring for dental assistants, in-house dentists and dental assistants.

“A good first step is to get a job interview with a dental school and make sure that you’re ready to take on a full-time position in a year or two,” DeBlont said.

The Alberta Dentition Association also wants prospective dentists to apply in 2019.

The number of dentists available in Alberta has more than doubled in the past two years, with an estimated 10,000 new dentists opening their doors every day.

The Alberta Dentistry Association estimates that there will continue to be a high demand for dentists in the province, but the association is urging people to apply.

“When you’re looking at a career, it’s not the only part of it.

You have to also be able to have a high-quality work environment,” De Blont said.”

If you’re applying to a dental job, it should be something that you want to do, but that you’ll have to take the time to apply to.”

To learn more about the job-training program for dental professionals, visit the Alberta Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities website.