How do you choose a dental career academy?

There are countless opportunities for those looking to work in dental and medical care, but some are limited and expensive.

The Tata Institute of Medical Education, a private, nonprofit organisation, offers a list of a few basic dental and dental education courses and is looking to expand.

In its latest financial report, Tata Institute said it has secured an additional 5,000 scholarships and scholarships totalling about Rs 1,50,000 for 2018-19.

The Tata Institute says it has awarded more than 40 scholarships to students in the last four years.

Among them, it has given scholarships to around 30 students who were born in Kerala.

Some of them are from Kerala’s Telugu speaking belt, where some schools in the state have close ties with the Telugu-speaking community.

It is an opportunity to study at a local school and gain experience in the dental profession.

“Dental school has become a big sector in Kerala, particularly in the recent years.

But for the past few years, the state government has not given scholarships.

The state government wants to boost dental education and enrolment,” said Manoj Kumar, the head of the Tata Institute’s education programme.

Dental colleges are required to complete their programme within four years, so it is an open door for those who want to enter the profession.

It also has an educational programme for the children of dental students.

“Students from a lower caste or in families where they do not speak the language should have an opportunity,” Kumar said.

There are many scholarships to be given to students from the Teluguese speaking belt.

But, in the past, the education and training programmes in the schools were restricted to the Telu-speaking and Malayalam-speaking students.

In recent years, there have been more and more opportunities to study in the Telangana-based schools.

Tata Institute also provides scholarships to the children and families of the students who are from the Malayali speaking belt and from Kerala.

“In recent times, students from Telugu spoke belt are getting opportunities and we want to expand our programmes in this direction,” Kumar added.

A new batch of Tata Institute students is set to take up their studies next month, which will see them studying at Tata Institute College, a state-run primary school.

“We will send a list to students, who will get their certificate within six months,” Kumar told TOI.