Disney CEO Bob Iger to Join Career Academy on Dec. 15

Disney CEO and Disney Junior CEO Bob Dern has announced that he will join Career Academy, the newly created company focused on the education of people with disabilities.

The company will provide opportunities to people with developmental disabilities to attend career schools, and Dern says he will continue to focus on Disney’s mission of empowering people with learning disabilities and their families.

“I want to thank the Disney family for allowing me to join Career.

The success of this new company will be a tribute to the hard work and passion of the people at Disney,” said Dern in a statement.

“Our commitment to helping our employees with developmental disability get ahead is unwavering and unshakeable.

I look forward to working with the amazing people at Career Academy to inspire and inspire others to succeed.”

In a separate statement, the company said that Dern’s “deep appreciation” for the opportunity to join the company “comes as no surprise” and he was “pleased” to be joining the company.

“As we strive to empower more people with special needs, we are proud to have been chosen to lead a new company focused in creating opportunities for people with intellectual, developmental, physical and social disabilities to earn and stay in jobs,” the statement said.

“The work I do at Career will be centered on developing our vision and mission of providing a pathway for talented people to achieve success and build a better world.”

The Career Academy will open its doors to people who have disabilities and will train for up to four years in one of two courses.

It will also offer tutoring and mentoring for people of all ages.

Career Academy also said that it will offer online programs, as well as onsite tutoring for individuals with disabilities, through Career Academy.

“This is an exciting time for the disability community,” said Linda M. Dickson, director of the College for the Deaf.

“We are seeing more people in leadership roles and more people speaking up for people who need a voice and a platform to speak their mind and their story.”

The new company, which will be called Career Academy Education Group, will have about 20 employees.

The CEO of Career Academy told reporters on stage at the Disney press conference that the company will focus on the “unmet needs” of people who are learning disabilities.

He said the company’s goal is to be the largest career academy in the world, with more than 60,000 students enrolled in the company over the next two years.

“To make this happen, I believe we need to be able to meet the needs of the millions of people we serve with the help of a diverse team of experts,” Dern said.

Career has been working on developing the careers of people from all walks of life for more than a decade.

In 2012, Career launched the Career Academy for the Disabilities community, and in 2017, the first of its three centers opened in Florida.