Rockdale Career Academy in Rockdale, Colorado, will offer emergency care to children who are hospitalized

An urgent care academy in Rockford, Colorado is about to launch its first ever daycare, the parents of the academy’s first class announced Wednesday.

The Rockdale Academy, a partnership between the school district and the emergency care system, announced that it will begin offering emergency care in the first day of kindergarten to children with a severe medical condition who have had to go to the emergency room or the hospital.

The school district said the new service will be available to students who have been in a hospital and require immediate care, including in the case of a sudden illness or injury, a respiratory infection or a life-threatening medical condition, the Rockdale Tribune reported.

Students will be enrolled in a classroom, where they will work with a certified nursing technician, and will be able to interact with a child psychologist and other staff members.

Parents and teachers will be allowed to see their children in person at the new daycare facility.

Rockdale is a predominantly black city of about 8,200 people in Colorado.

The Rockdale Community Health District is the only non-profit in the county that offers daycare services to children, and the school said it will be open on a limited basis, so parents can see their kids at the facility during the day and take them to the school after school.

Rockford Mayor Doug Mays said he and other parents of Rockdale’s students were very excited to welcome the academy to the community.

We’re very excited for the opportunity to make this service available to our community,” he said.

Rockland County Commissioner Bill Stover said the school system will provide support to the academy, including a staff member who will be on hand to ensure the academy has the resources it needs.

The school district will also provide a limited number of temporary child care beds.

Rocky Mountain School District spokeswoman Michelle Smith said the Rockford Academy’s mission is to provide opportunities to those with special needs to meet and learn with a mentor, who is able to give advice on a variety of topics, including health, physical education, and speech and language skills.