India: Indian women take on the world in a game of ‘dancing shoes’

In the last decade, India has gone from a country with few women to one with a staggering number.

And the numbers are only getting bigger.

In the past two years, India’s women’s football team has won two Olympic gold medals, won four Asian cup titles and qualified for the 2020 World Cup in Russia.

Now, it is trying to break into the global football elite.

With the India Women Football Association (IWA) in the process of becoming the first women’s professional league in the world, the IWA is hoping to attract women from around the world and build an Indian professional team of international calibre.

“We are very excited to be part of the IWF,” said IWA head coach, Kailash Vijay.

“India has always been a country of immigrants, but with this football team, we want to build a new India.”

IWA started the IWF in 2013, after a four-year ban that saw India’s domestic league, the Indian Premier League, banned for seven years in 2019.

That decision, and the subsequent ban on domestic league football, had a huge impact on India’s football culture.

As the sport in India was struggling, the country was also trying to overcome the stigma associated with domestic league sports, and it has helped the IWMF become a national institution.

In 2017, IWFL players were asked to wear pink leggings to represent the country’s diversity and to promote women’s participation in sports.

The new IWFS will have the first female-led team in the IWC, as well as the first Indian women’s team to be awarded the World Cup.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, IWA CEO Kailay Patil said she was proud to be a part of such a huge initiative.

“This is a very exciting time for India football.

We have had so many great years, and this is the start of a new era,” Patil told Al Jazeera.

“I hope we can start to play a bigger role in Indian football, and help shape the future of the sport.”

The IWFI was founded by the Indian government and aims to give women’s soccer the same level of respect as men’s soccer.

IWFA CEO Kaila Patel, who is also the IWI’s vice president, said India’s national team is the countrys strongest team.

“The national team has always played with an international flavour, and we have had a lot of success playing against international teams in recent years,” Patel told Al