What to know about wound care care academy at U of T

On April 1, 2016, an injury took place at a U of M-owned facility in Mississauga.

It’s an accident waiting to happen, a tragic event that has left U of L and its residents scarred and devastated.

The injury happened at the U of C-owned Healing Academy.

U of S, U of R, U O and U of W are among the many organizations that run the facility, which is housed in a former nursing home in Mississaugas.

The facility was a place for students to learn and get help with their academic and personal issues, but that changed when a new facility was opened in 2015.

The accident happened in the first week of May.

The staff, including the president of the Academy, were on a break.

UofM Health Sciences, the facility’s operator, was called out to a call of a student in the building, who had been injured and needed immediate medical attention.

U-M and the Academy agreed to extend an olive branch.

The students who were on campus at the time of the accident were not injured.

It is the first time the U-of-M Health Science facility has had a patient with a traumatic injury.

U of M Health Sciences’ director of trauma services, Dr. Dan Johnson, said the academy is not able to release the names of the students who sustained injuries, as the hospital has taken on the risk of disclosing the details of the incident.

(CBC News: Jennifer Mascarenhas)”It was important for us to share what occurred and to provide the students with the support they needed to recover,” Johnson said.

The academy has been operating for more than a decade, but its staff members are not in the same situation.

They work for a private hospital and are in an unincorporated area, not in Mississegas.

U-M has asked the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to investigate the incident and will have a new director of the academy in place by the end of the month.

The Academy is located in the city of Mississauga, in the east end of Toronto.

The new director will be responsible for supervising the training and oversight of the school’s staff, the U.S. Department of Health Services, and the Ontario Provincial Police.

The U- of L-run facility is a model for other health care facilities across the country.

Johnson said it is not the first accident at a Healing Academy, and he is hopeful that the university will take the situation seriously.

“It’s just a reminder that we have to be a good employer of people, we have a responsibility to provide good care,” Johnson told CBC News.

“We need to have that safety culture in place, and I’m hopeful that we can be a model that the rest of the country will follow.”

The U of A has an accident prevention team, but Johnson said they do not have enough staff to take on the task of ensuring that people who have an accident at an academy are cared for properly.