How to start a customer care career with Austin Career Academy

AUSTIN, Texas— In an effort to provide more opportunities for the growing number of tech workers looking for an alternative to traditional jobs, the Austin Career Academies has launched a new customer care program that will offer paid training for the tech workers.

Tech workers can earn $25 per hour, and the academy has also launched a job-matching platform for those looking to gain a better understanding of their options.

The job matching platform, called Careacademax, will offer training in customer service, sales, finance, legal, human resources, and IT, among other things.

The new program is being launched with the support of the Austin City Council, the Texas State Legislature, and a $2 million grant from the Austin Community Foundation.

“This program is part of the city’s broader commitment to increasing the supply of tech-skilled workers,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler said in a statement.

“With the number of Austinites in tech-oriented occupations increasing, we are excited to work with AustinCare to provide our tech community with a pathway to better careers.”

In addition to the $25 hourly salary, the job-matches platform will offer the training in business development, sales management, customer service and HR.

Tech jobs are currently the most sought after in the city, and AustinCare plans to hire thousands of people to help fill the gap in the tech workforce.

“AustinCare is excited to partner with the City of Austin to expand the role of tech professionals in our city,” said Matt Schramm, director of business development for AustinCare.

“We are confident this innovative program will provide employers with a proven way to tap into the growing tech talent pool.

Our aim is to be the largest provider of career training to the tech sector in the state of Texas.”

The Austin Career Academics program is expected to be available to new hires starting on March 1.

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