Tech giants hire new execs to build companies for automation

By James HochsteinPosted July 13, 2018 09:29:00The tech giants are getting serious about automation.

On Thursday, Facebook announced the hiring of an executive to lead the company’s next wave of automation projects.

The executive, David Ebersol, will join Facebook as a director and serve as the company works toward automation’s eventual elimination from jobs.

The move comes as Facebook continues to develop new automation solutions and services, which include machine learning, image recognition, and speech-to-text capabilities.

Facebook currently employs about 8,000 engineers, according to a company blog post.

The hiring of Ebersole marks a departure for Facebook.

He previously served as chief operating officer of the company, where he led the company from 2014 to 2016.

Ebersols hiring comes as the tech giant faces an industry-wide shortage of skilled workers.

A growing number of companies have struggled to fill job openings.

“As we make progress toward more automation, we’re always thinking about how to improve the skills of our employees,” Ebersoles company said in a statement.

“We’re always looking for the right people to lead our teams and make sure that they have the knowledge and skills to lead us forward.

That’s why we are hiring the right person.”

Ebersol joins a growing number for the tech giants that are trying to automate jobs.

Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are all working to automate the roles of hundreds of thousands of employees, according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

And IBM has begun automating its workforce for the first time, with more than 200,000 people now in the program.

But automation isn’t the only goal for the giants.

Facebook is also looking to eliminate as many as 10 percent of the workforce from the tech company.

Facebook said that it’s also expanding its efforts to help other companies move away from legacy business models, and to help them create new ways to do business.

Facebook plans to hire at least 1,000 new people in the next five years to help with its transformation, the company said.